Teceland develops and creates top designs and fabric structures for the textile industry, providing technical support to the development of these products.

The different aspects of textile design is the world in which the company has been acting, always with brilliant results:

  • Jacquards

  • Stripes and Checks

  • Dobbies

  • Prints

  • Technical Support

  • Textile Design Innovation

Teceland arose from the dream of two colleagues of a Textile Design course, both from the city of Guimarães, with a very deep know-how in this productive area.

In Guimarães the textile industry is closely linked to its growth and its origins date back to the 19th century.
This industry directs its production mostly for export and therefore Teceland extends its projections across borders, facing its projects proactively, being always creative, innovative and differentiated.

Innovation is part of day-to-day business. The deep technical knowledge of the company's members have served as a platform for the development of differentiated and innovative products.


Teceland aims to be an engine for development of the range of products of its partners, creating collections within the latest international trends and in parallel with the most advanced technologies and resources.

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