In a commercial and industrial environment in constant change, Innovation and Differentiation are most of the times the keys to the success of a company.
Research and Development partnerships with entities of the scientific and technological system, the use of technology outside the scope of the traditional value chain of the textile industry, together with Teceland know-how, create success formulas which results provide a substantial increase in added value of the products developed in an innovation environment.

Teceland has been preparing to create Research and Develpoment partnerships in order to provide its customers truly innovative, differentiated and high value added products.



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The  Stripes and Checks collections using dyed yarns are created by Teceland continuously. In the most traditional trend of textile design is extremely important to be innovative but it is essential to grant a unique character and personality for each client .
While creating Stripes and Chess, Teceland always seeks to bring together the best of both worlds, associating to the traditional character of this type of design a new way of presenting new conceptions, either through an advanced design in terms of rapports, either through extensive color studies, a key element for the creation of innovative and differentiated motives.



The creation of Dobby fabrics developed by Teceland in various fabric constructions, always shows excellent results with great versatility and adapted to the desire of customers.
The technical quality of the sketches produced by Teceland for Dobbies provides superior performance in terms of technical capabilities of the looms, obtaining results that go far beyond what is expected of the looms where these fabrics are produced.


The technical and creative design of jacquard fabrics is of great complexity and results of an extensive study of possibilities for achieving the desired goal.
The perfect sketches and techniques used for the production of jacquard fabrics are truly essential and the final result depends on the quality of this work.
Teceland develops jacquard designs based on detailed information about the client's goals, color, motifs and technical details and applies its deeper "know-how" to the final quality of the tissues, always presenting surprising results.



The creation of textile motifs have as components not only visual communication, language and art but also the visual reproduction of motifs sometimes close to photography and visual reality.
Designers have always had a special desire to explore these fields, unreachable until recently. With the tremendous advancement of printing technology, digital printing came to revolutionize textile design. Graphics and picture styles are now common practice used by the new generation of creators who grew up in the digital age.
Teceland, attentive to the most current imaging trends and provided with the most advanced digital technologies, started an era in which the inclusion of digital motifs in their collections has become a must.


The industrial performance requires effective rationalization of the design process but also requires a complex balance between the production technical parameters.
Teceland performes works for all types of customers, whether holders of deep knowledge of industrial production, whether customers whose concern is based mainly on aesthetics and on their commercial results.
All work generated by Teceland aims to optimize the production process and therefore Teceland has come increasingly being asked to play the role of technical advisor, creating solutions and anticipating proactively the issues arising from the technical parameters of industrial production.



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